Hello All,
First, I would like to express my deep appreciation for all of our market staff both in the city and on the farm. Their efforts to continue to distribute food to our customers in NYC are playing an important role in this crisis.

The market team has been working tirelessly to maintain high cleanliness standards. We are adhering to all GrowNYC regulations for city farmers’ markets as they are presented, with a full commitment to offering the safest shopping experience we can to our customers.

We will be offering a new “pre-order” option for all regularly available products. Our product and price list can be found here. Please download the ordering form and email it back to us. These orders will then be packed for swift pick up at the market. All orders should be picked within the times specified on the order form. Add-ons can be made at the time of pickup (produce, etc). Payment will be taken at the market.

Greenmarket Staff:
Thank you for the continued efforts to serve our customers and provide them with food. This is an essential service to everyone and I know we are all grateful for each and everyone’s willingness and effort. If you feel sick, please stay home. Hawthorne Valley Greenmarket will be implementing two weeks emergency paid leave for any staff member who cannot work due to illness or quarantine. We appreciate your commitment to continuing to be on the front lines, and we are committed to supporting everyone through this.

Food Production:
We are continuing to produce as much high-quality food as the demand calls for. This means we are still milking the cows twice a day to make our full line of dairy products. We are still baking sourdough breads and a full selection of pastries. We are still fermenting vegetables. We are still planting seeds in our greenhouses and in our fields. We are here and will continue to produce quality products to deliver nutrient-rich foods to everyone that needs it.

Thank You,
Zachary Tattersall-Hill
Greenmarket Manager