Zach Fox Hill delivering food to the Bronx

Hawthorne Valley Farm (HVF) has entered into a twelve week contract with Food Bank of New York City, funded by Nourish New York, to bring food to people in need as part of COVID-19 relief efforts. HVF is grateful to its partners at Just Food for making the connection.

HVF will deliver product weekly to the Jewish Community Council of Pelham Parkway that runs a food bank serving 250-300 families in the Bronx. Each week, HVF will be providing 1-2 dairy products including whole milk yogurt and a combination of fermented cabbage products including sauerkraut and kimchi.

“Getting healthy, whole foods to all consumers is something we are passionate about at Hawthorne Valley,” says Zachary Fox Hill, Director of Sales & Production. “We made the first delivery last week, and everyone was very appreciative and excited to be getting our products. We hope this partnership is just the start of a long-term relationship to help meet the needs of families in the city.”

Qiana Mickie, Special Projects Consultant for Just Food, says, “Just Food is delighted to have made this good food connection between Hawthorne Valley Farm and the Jewish Community Council of Pelham Parkway during such a critical time. It is our ongoing work to advocate for, as well as strengthen, our regional food value chain between small- and mid-scale farmers and NYC communities in need. It is our hope this partnership continues beyond the end of the Nourish NY.”

The Nourish New York program is providing $25 million to food banks around the state to use to purchase products produced by New York farms. More information on the program can be found here.

For more information about Just Food’s work, please visit their website.