Hawthorne Valley Farm Store is now a part of the BerkShares network, allowing customers to purchase groceries with local currency.

“Part of our mission is to support our community,” says Retail Manager Jeremy Laurange. “We believe partnership with local currencies will help strength our economy, benefitting all who live here.”

The local currency for the Berkshire region, BerkShares, has gone digital. Since 2006, BerkShares has helped raise the profile of the region’s businesses while keeping money local. The new BerkShares scan-to-pay app makes it easy to shop local, and also pay local—simply connect any US bank account via the app, and pay with digital BerkShares as tender at participating merchants.

Digital BerkShares are accepted at many local sellers, and transacting in digital BerkShares spares sellers from steep credit card fees. Digital BerkShares remain valued 1:1 with USD, and all BerkShares are backed by dollars on reserve at community banks. It’s one choice we can all make that’s good for people, business, and community.

Dozens of area businesses already accept digital BerkShares as payment, including Random Harvest, Berkshire Mountain Bakery, Acorn Toy Shop, and many more. For more information, click here. Hawthorne Valley Farm Store also accepts the Hudson Valley Current, a Hudson Valley-based local currency. For more information, click here.