Artist Works with Brian Dickerson

Part of the Hone My Craft Workshop Series

For artists seeking to expand their work beyond the studio, this workshop will explore strategies for developing and expanding that audience. Topics will include gallery representation, art centers & museum exhibits, artist statement & portfolio development, alternatives to gallery representation, residencies, on-line marketing, and alternative exhibition opportunities.

Donations gratefully accepted.

Various resources will be given to those in attendance. Sign up with Laura Summer at 518-653-2350 or by email.

This project has been supported by a grant from the Fund for Columbia County of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.

Brian Dickerson / Artist Statement

The deeply layered and reworked surfaces of the constructed paintings form a record of experience and emotion – a revelation of the time-honored process of self-exploration and all that it reveals. Hidden forms, apertures, geometric planes imposed onto flat layered surfaces suggest a geography, a key to exploring our own life experiences and how we came to be shaped and molded by them. These portals broach an elusive mystery: reflecting what has been discovered, what has been lost and what history is yet to be written.

Visual, tactile and structural elements allow viewers to mine their own experiences, allowing for the opportunity of quiet reflection amid the chaos and uncertainty of the surrounding world. These mediators of mystery elevate the contemplation of deep surfaces – work undone and remade through scraping, sanding, painting over, like memories that have been reformed, polished, and retold from the distance of time.

The work does not reference a specific place, person or event, but rather suggests a collage of interrelated subjects and cultures. The knotted angles and landscapes of thick paint offer vistas of tactile and structural elements which evolved from the earliest memories of the Helderberg Mountain region in upstate New York, and the rich countryside surrounding the village of Ballycastle, County Mayo on the northwest coast of Ireland.

While this work evolves from personal references, experiences and memories unknown to the viewer, it is the hope this work will prove a catalyst for individuals to wander through their own mysteries of uncertainty, and contemplation.

View Brian’s website here.

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