Churchtown Dairy Pasture Walk

Please join Claudia Knab-Vispo and Josie Laing of Farmscape Ecology Program (FEP) for this leisurely walk across the pastures of Churchtown Dairy. Churchtown Dairy aims to be a beacon, warning against the destruction done by “Big Ag” while promoting regenerative organic farming practices in harmony with nature and in alignment with animal, plant, and microbial life. They use biodynamic principles that enhance and deepen our relationship with the Earth and strive to nurture a growing community of local, national, and global allies. Churchtown Dairy is an accessible resource for farmers, scholars, educators, entrepreneurs, and the generally curious. They provide access to healthy foods and products including raw milk, farmstead cheese, grass-fed beef, eggs, and medicinal remedies. More information about Churchtown Dairy can be found on their website.

How many species of plants do you think we will find? Is there more than grass and clover to a pasture? We will meet the plants that are converted into milk by the grazing cows and learn how to recognize them. We’ll also talk about where these plants are coming from, how they live, and about some of their interactions with other organisms, beyond the cows… Following the pasture walk, there is the option to watch the milking of the cows.

Date: Saturday, June 17th

Time: 2 – 4 pm

Location: Churchtown Dairy (357 County Road 12, Hudson, NY 12534)This walk is free, but registration is required. Please register with [email protected] to reserve your space and receive directions.

Note: We are leading two pasture walks at Churchtown Dairy that day, but the morning one is already fully booked.

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