Housed in the Farm Store building, our certified organic Bakery is well-known for its organic breads and bakery products. The flours, grains, nuts, seeds, and fruits used in the bakery goods are all Biodynamic® or organically grown, and the wheat is milled daily to ensure freshness.

Our bakery products, all thoughtfully and carefully made by our bakers, include a variety of sourdough and yeasted breadsrolls (both sourdough and yeasted), granolassconesmuffins, several types of cookies, and a host of other treats. These freshly-made and satisfying goods are sold at the Farm Store, are available from our market stands at the Union Square and Inwood Greenmarkets in New York City, and can be ordered by our CSA members. A select list of items are also available via Wholesale.

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Bakery FAQs


What do you have that is wheat-free?

Our Sourdough Rye and Hazel Sweet Sourdough Rye breads, and our Hazel Sweet Sourdough Slices are made with 100% rye flour. Our Whole Grain Sourdough Spelt and Whole Grain Spelt breads and our Sourdough Spelt muffins are made with 100% whole spelt flour. Rye Spelt Sourdough is made with 50% of each grain. Our Spelt Almond Cookies are made with 100% whole spelt flour. All of these flours are ground fresh in our bakery! Also, our “Krunch Bars” are made with no grains at all!


What do you have that is sugar-free?

All of our breads except for Cinnamon Raisin and Egg Bread are sugar free. Our granolas are sugar free, two sweetened with honey, and one with maple syrup. Our Honey Cookies are made with honey and fruit-juice-sweetened organic jam. Our Whole Wheat Honey Mixed Berry Muffins and our Krunch Bars are sweetened with honey.


What do you have that is yeast-free?

All of our Sourdough breads, as well as our Sourdough muffins/slices, are made without baker’s yeast. (All of the breads in the middle case, plus the Spelt Sourdough and the Rye Spelt Sourdough)


What do you have that is gluten-free?

All of our baked goods contain some gluten, with the exception of our Krunch Bars. Since the Krunch Bars are made in the same bakery as all of our wheat breads, even they may contain some traces of gluten and cannot be considered totally “gluten free”. Some people with wheat sensitivities find that they enjoy our sourdough rye breads and/or our granolas. Although spelt is a close relative of wheat, sourdough spelt can also be a good alternative for some people.


What do you have that is whole wheat / no white flour?

Our Seven Grain and Sunflower Millet Breads contain no white flour. Our Sunflower Flax and Peasant Sourdough Breads, Baguettes, and Rolls are 8 parts whole wheat flour to 3 parts white flour, so they are mostly, but not entirely, whole wheat. Spelt and Rye breads (except for Caraway Rye) are white flour free.


What is spelt?

An ancient cousin of wheat, spelt hasn’t been hybridized to the extent that wheat has and has a pleasant, grainy wild taste. The seeds from the spelt plant are ground into flour (similar to the way wheat is processed) but spelt has more protein and many people find it easier to digest than wheat.