Agawamuck 12 Star Fields


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September 12, 2017


  1. Brad

    Do you have certified organic chicken and how much

    • Heather Gibbons

      Hi Brad, Our chickens are certified organic and raised on pasture Only raised May-November. The chickens are let out to forage the pastures each morning for green-feeds and insects This foraging is supplemented by home-milled, local organic grains. We mill our grains in house to both ensure the freshest feed and to include up to a third of our own homegrown Biodynamic certified grain Since the chickens are grazing dairy cow pastures their trailer has to be moved every day in order that their rich manure is not over fertilizing the pastures. This is our newest livestock venture, and it fits a niche on the farm by enhancing the quality of the dairy pastures, while producing chickens in a way that allows them to fully explore and forage in the pasture environment, accentuating the flavors of lush pasture. We have chicken available in the farm store, at our farmers markets and through farms2tables for chefs and some retail stores.


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