1. Dixie

    I was researching if there is any dairy farm that does not rip the baby calves away from their mothers in order to sell milk products to people. I very seldom eat dairy but would like to enjoy it guilt free from time to time if there is a humane practice anywhere out there in the world. I read on a site from someone that calves at Hawthorne Valley get to drink their mothers milk. If so, I would like to learn exactly how long they are taken care of by their mothers. If you truly have a humane farm that cares for babies as well as milk I would like to know so I can get milk products from your company for special occasions. Thank you so much for getting back to me.

    • Heather Gibbons

      Hi Dixie,
      We do keep our calves with their moms until they are about 5 months old, at which time they are weaned. We are proud to be an Animal Welfare Approved farm. We sell our raw milk in our farm store, but cannot sell it off-farm as is the law in New York State. You can, however, purchase our value-added products like yogurt and cheese off-site at the Greenmarkets we participate in, or through the FreshFoodNY app, or the Farms2Tables app. Please let me know if you need more info – I can be reached at hgibbons@hawthornevalley.org.

  2. Betsy Wilson

    When are calves removed from their moms on your farm?
    What is the process for impregnation?

    • Heather Gibbons

      Hi Betsy,
      Thank you for your interest. Our calves are kept with their moms until they are about 5 months old, at which time they are weaned. We have a bull that stays with the herd and impregnates the cows naturally (no human intervention).


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