Welcome to Hawthorne Valley Farm

Cosmic Cow Mural

This mural outside our Creamery illustrates aspects of biodynamic agriculture

Veggie Fields/CSA

We grow about 14 acres of vegetables to provide for our 350-member CSA

Dairy Herd

At the heart of the farm is the closed herd of 65 grass-fed cows

Other Livestock

Other types of animals have become an integral part of the farm organism, including beef steers, pigs, and chickens


We are proud to be a pioneering part of today’s Northeastern grain growing revival

Learn about biodynamic farming at Hawthorne Valley through the lens of its dairy featuring Dairy Herd Manager Jess Brobst, and Creamery Manager Jeremy Shapiro. Shot by Black Mountain Visuals and produced by @jebandcompany in October 2021, for New York Animal Agriculture Coalition and their state-wide campaign called “Milk Works” to help educate New Yorkers about the numerous and diverse dairy operations throughout the state.

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News From the Farm