Welcome to Hawthorne Valley Farm

Agawamuck 12 Star Fields

This 2-acre garden provides produce for departments and programs across campus

Veggie Fields/CSA

We grow about 12 acres of vegetables to provide for our 300-member CSA

Dairy Herd

At the heart of the farm is the closed herd of 65 grass-fed cows

Other Livestock

Other types of animals have become an integral part of the farm organism, including beef steers, pigs, and chickens


We are proud to be a pioneering part of today’s Northeastern grain growing revival

Agriculture has a significant role to play to address the needs of our time. I mean if I had to sum it up all in one word, I’d have to say it’s all about health. I think people that work in food and agriculture, going forward we almost have to look at them as primary healthcare practitioners.
Steffen SchneiderSenior DirectorInstitute for Mindful Agriculture

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