FEP Book Talk: Habitats in the Kinderhook Area

Farmscape Ecology program is giving a book talk on their new field guide From the Hudson to the Taconics: An Ecological and Cultural Field Guide to the Habits of Columbia County, New York. Join the authors for an engaging introduction to this richly illustrated and unique book. They are sharing their experiences creating From the Hudson to the Taconics, exciting discoveries that happened along the way, and how they hope to build on this work through a new habitat research and conservation initiative.

This free talk can be enjoyed as a single event or paired with a Habitat Exploration Walk at the Martin Van Buren Nature Area the following Saturday, in which participants will have a chance to use the book to explore in more detail the many facets of several habitats.

This talk is part of a series of presentations and Habitat Explorations where each presentation will correspond with each exploration location. You can purchase your copy of From the Hudson to the Taconics field guide here.


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